Spyro: The Dragon

Greetings gamers!

This blog entries is about Spyro: The Dragon which was released September 10, 1998 for PlayStation1. It was developed by Insomniac Games, published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and distributed by Universal Interactive Studios. All three of these companies are some of my personal favorites in game development. It is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Story Time! Gnasty Gnorc traps Spyro’s fellow dragons in crystal and steals all of the dragon’s treasure, because a dragon insulted him in a TV interview cutscene at the beginning of the game. Spyro escapes because of his short stature. But he has a big heart for such a little dragon and he travels the 6 worlds freeing dragons, collecting treasure, reclaiming stolen dragon eggs, and kicking ass.

The graphics are old school (it was released in the 90’s so it’s expected) but the graphics are pretty decent considering how old it is. The game is a free rotating camera meaning you can rotate the camera on an X and Y axis and you can zoom in and look around (limited but there). The game is classified as an action platform game characterized by different levels and jumping being a main feature of the game play. The audio is clear and distinct, although it doesn’t have subtitles for those who are hearing impaired. Spyro also has some sassy dialogue.

The main game play challenges includes not falling off ledges and defeating enemies. There’s a few flying challenges as well. It’s pretty straight forward and nothing more difficult than that.

The controls are very simple. You have jumping, charging, flame breath, camera controls, and movement controls. I don’t remember encountering any glitches.

All in all, a fun game to play for first time gamers and for experienced gamers to replay and enjoy the simplicity of an earlier game. I told my grandmother when I next see her, I’d teach her to play.

Happy gaming!


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