Crash Team Racing

Greetings gamers!

Up next we have Crash Team Racing! Developed by Naughty Dog, published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and distributed by Universal Interactive Studios, this game is a great game to play with friends. It was rated E for everyone by the ESRB so also good for the family.

Story Time! Earth is invaded by an alien called Nitros Oxide who challenges Earth’s fastest driver to race him. If Oxide wins, he’ll turn the inhabitants of Earth into slaves. If Oxide is defeated, he will leave Earth alone. The character you choose to play as has to collect the four boss keys to unlock Oxide’s ship and race him. To get the boss keys, you must defeat all of the levels in each stage. Once Oxide is defeated, you must go back through and collect the time relics so you can race Oxide a second time. This time, after he is defeated, he leaves Earth for good.

The graphics are pretty decent. The camera centers on you but you can’t spin the camera although there really isn’t a need. The camera shifts focus with your movements and you can look behind you by pressing a button. The game is a kart racing game (obviously). The audio is understandable and it has written dialogue for those that are hard of hearing. The taunts during races are pretty entertaining.

The game play challenges are timed based, speed based, and avoiding obstacles. (It’s a racing game after all). The controls are also super simple. You steer, that’s about it. Place a trap here and there.

In conclusion, this was a fun game to play with friends and alone. I recommend it more to play with friends though.

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Happy Gaming!


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