This is a blog dedicated to giving reviews on video games, and I’ll cover basic story line, graphics, game play, controls, bugs, and my overall impression of the games I write about.

Story Line-I’ll just give an overview on what the game is about without giving away too much detail. Every gamer has something they look for in game play and for me it’s story line. A good story line is what makes the best games in my opinion. For other gamers, it’s other elements such as…

Graphics-I will go over what kind of graphics are included in the games and I will include in this section the player viewpoints (Top-Down, First Person, Fixed Camera, etc) and audio elements. This to me is the second thing I look for when playing a game.

Game Play-I’ll give a summary of what kind of challenges you’ll face while playing the game be it logic puzzles, riddles, brawl matches, luck based, skill based, or natural game play ability challenges.

Controls-This section will be really short. In essence, it will contain maybe one or two sentences on if the controls were confusing or simple, what was difficult about them, and maybe some hints. I’ll probably lump game glitches and bugs in here as well.

Conclusion-I’ll end the blog with my overall impression of the game and if I would recommend the game. I may start a scale system.

Disclaimer-Please keep in mind that every gamer is different and different elements make game play more fun to different people.